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  • Gracie Williams

6 Self-love activities to try this Valentines Day

Many of us dread this time of year when supermarkets fill their aisles with 'you're the one' mugs and fluffy bears with 'I love you' written on them... however, Valentines Day isn't just an excuse to show your love to someone else, it is also a chance to show love to yourself.

So, we are sharing 6 self-love activities for you to try this February 14th! Although these activities can be done at any time, Valentines Day is a perfect opportunity to try them out.

List your gratitudes:

Writing down at least 3 things that we are grateful for reminds us of the blessings and lovely things in our life and removes our focus from the negatives. It is a chance to realise all that is good in your life and will help you to feel content and loved.

Write a letter to your younger self:

It is so easy to talk negatively to our current selves, but think about it... would you be saying all of these negative things to the child version of you that you say to your current self?

Probably not... It can be hard to express love to our current self, but we often have a protective side to our younger self, so write a letter to her... tell her what you love about her, what your proud of, and tell her about your current self...

Do something you enjoy:

We often put off things that we enjoy doing because we feel guilty, but Valentines Day is all about love... gift yourself time to do what you truly enjoy like you would with someone else that you love.

List 3 things you love about yourself:

Whether it's your physical appearance, your personality, or something you have done that you are proud of, remind yourself of the things you love about yourself.

Have a pamper session:

Take a bath, have a warm shower, do a face mask... do whatever you like to help you feel pampered, refreshed, and relaxed!


It is time to remind yourself just how amazing you are, so tell yourself affirmations in the mirror, write them on post-its and stick them around your room, or write them in your journal... do whatever it is that works for you.

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