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  • Gracie Williams

5 Reminders you may need to ease the New Year pressure

Updated: Jan 10

First of all, Happy New Year from us a StrengtheningHER! 🎉

With a new year ahead comes excitement, fresh starts, and resolutions... However, it also comes with waves of anxiety, pressure, and new challenges.

Many of us, especially those who have faced trauma, or struggle with our mental health, or simply just do not deal well with the pressures of new year, find this time of year extremely difficult.

From the pressures to socialise on New Years Eve and the pressure of 'let's organise something in the new year!', the gloomy winter weather, the expectation to have new goals and stick to our resolutions, it can be rather overwhelming for anyone to deal with.

There is a seemingly unnecessary pressure to completely reinvent yourself during the new year and the pressures of seeing people posting them at the gym, eating healthy, and doing fun things.

Although these ideas are great and we should celebrate them, we understand that it can be rather damaging when you are struggling to see others setting new goals and starting fresh when you still feel stuck.

Here are some reminders we want to share with you to ease the anxiety around this time of year:

💙 New Year shouldn't be a time of pressure, it should be a time of exciting new starts.

💙 There is more to life than New Years Resolutions

💙 Just because they are putting it on social media doesn't mean they are not struggling.

💙 Just because they are smiling on their pictures, doesn't mean they are finding it easy.

💙 Winter can be tough anyway, don't be so hard on yourself.



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