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  • Gracie Williams

5 Tools to Get a Good Night's Sleep

There is nothing quite a good night’s sleep…However, in a time where stress and anxiety is taking over, a good night’s sleep can be hard to come by.

How well we sleep determines how we feel not just the next day but for quite a while after until we can catch up on it again. This can really impact our mental health and wellbeing.

So, we have put together a little guide of tools that you can purchase that may be able to help you get that good night’s sleep that you have been daydreaming about…

You can definitely get some cheaper alternatives of each of these depending on where you go, so if your stress is money… we got you!

1. Sleeping Sprays:

Spraying a lavender, eucalyptus, or other scent that helps you to relax before bed can really set the tone for the evening. Spray it on your pyjamas, your bedsheets, or just around the room. Sleeping sprays produce relaxing aromas that help our bodies to produce melatonin (basically the hormone that helps you sleep) and speeds up the process in a natural way.

2. Himalayan Salt Lamp:

Not only do they look nice, but they have an array of benefits.

Himalayan salt lamps not only help with cleaning the air to help you breathe, but it also helps you to get some good sleep.

Firstly, the warm light that it produces mimics sunsets and therefore helps you to feel relaxed and ultimately unwind for the day. It also helps to improve your mood and decrease anxiety which is ideal for a good night’s rest.

3. Chamomile Tea:

Drinking chamomile tea before bed can act as a mild sedative to help you get some sleep (, so not only does it helps with physical health such as digestion, it also helps you to unwind.

You can get this from any of your local supermarkets.

4. Sleeping Lotions & Shower Gels:

Similar to sleep sprays, body lotions and shower gels can have a huge impact on our sleep. For a good night’s sleep, lavender, eucalyptus, and rosemary scents are recommended. The aromas they produce get that melatonin going, similar to sleep sprays. Using them nightly will help your senses to associate the scents with sleep, further helping you sleep each night.

5. Rescue Remedy:

Rescue remedy comes in many different forms: tongue drops, gummies, sprays, or melting sweets. Rescue remedy is a five flower blend that helps to alleviate stress and anxiety, increasing calm and serenity. Using these in the evening will help you to shut your anxiety off and get some good night’s sleep.

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