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  • Gracie Williams

25 Ways to De-Stress During the Holiday Season

Did you know that, according to a Harvard study (2016), around 62% of people find that their stress levels increase during the colder months?

With the holidays just around the corner, stress levels increase rapidly. Whether it is due to financial worry, health worries, social anxieties, or SAD, although the holidays are a happy time, for many it comes with its fair share on consequences.

Now, we can’t magic away your stress (unfortunately), but we can provide some tips, tricks, and ways to de-stress.

Before we get into the list, we do want to share that StrengtheningHER have recently set up our brand new 1:1 post-trauma growth programme that focusses on self-development awhile embedding hypnotherapy.

Often our stress is linked to some kind of trauma that we have faced in the past, so this programme could help you. We look into the 5 C’s:






Ultimately, this programme is designed to enable women to strengthen their personal resilience so that they can create a purposeful life.

So, if you like the sound of this and possibly like to learn more… click HERE to visit the page or contact Kami directly at:

So, here are 25 ways to de-stress over the next few months:

💙 Journal your thoughts

💙 Stay active

💙 Go for a walk in nature

💙 Call a friend

💙 Take a warm bath or shower

💙 Light a relaxing candle

💙 Use essential oils

💙 Do a DIY face mask

💙 Do some mindfulness colouring

💙 Practice yoga

💙 Do some meditation

💙 Practice your breathing techniques

💙 Practice the grounding exercise (read here)

💙 Do a digital detox

💙 Read a new book

💙 Read a book you loved as a child

💙 Dance it out

💙 Watch a comfort film

💙 Watch a comfort show

💙 Listen to relaxing music

💙 Do a jigsaw puzzle

💙 Bake something

💙 Cook a comfort meal

💙 Have a day to yourself

💙 Make a new playlist of your favourite songs

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