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  • Gracie Williams

Why you should be looking after your mental health everyday | 10 Daily Habits

Have you ever experienced a time where your mental health has taken a complete decline, so you try to implement ways to improve it, but it feels like everything you are "supposed" to do to help isn't working the way that you hoped it would?

Don't worry, we've been there... but we've got you!

We are all slightly guilty of knowing that we should be looking after our mental health everyda, even on the good days, but not really doing it.

One thing we have learned in our healing journeys is that mental health shouldn't just become a priority when it gets bad, it should be something you prioritise every single day through the power of small everyday habits.

Whether big or small, those habits can really help to prevent a serious decline in your overall mental health and wellbeing.

Oftentimes, when we think about doing these daily habits for our mental health, we think 'but i've got things I need to do', or 'it's not productive', but what we have come to learn is that there is nothing more productive than putting yourself first and looking after your mental health.

There are so many benefits of doing so, these include:

💙 Lower stress levels

💙 Increased productivity

💙 Higher self-esteem

💙 Increased motivation

💙 Higher immunity

💙 Increased energy levels

Here are some ways that you can look after your mental health everyday:

💙 Go for a walk

💙 Turn your phone off half an hour before bed

💙 Phone a friend

💙 Watch an episode of your comfort show

💙 Do some yoga

💙 Meditate

💙 Write in your journal

💙 Write down 3 things you are grateful for

💙 Cook a meal

💙 Do some exercise

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