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  • Gracie Williams

The Importance of Community and Connection for Sexual Trauma Survivors

Loneliness… a common symptom of trauma that can be extremely detrimental to mental health.

(Unfortunately) sexual trauma is much more common than we think, for example 97% of women have experienced a sexual traumatic event.

However, you don’t have to suffer silently and alone.

Who you surround yourself with can make a huge difference to your overall mood and well-being, which is why community and connection are such an important factor that we want to provide for other women who have faced sexual trauma.

Stephanie Gilbert from speaks about the importance of community in the state of mental health, and this also applies to sexual trauma. Gilbert states that community is critical for us to thrive, as it helps us feel accepted, supported, wanted, and loved.

Gilbert also highlights the 3 top benefits of community:

Belonging – This feeling comes from being a part of a group that you can identify with, in which you are most accepted and embraced.

Support – Like we said, trauma can be extremely lonely, but having people who can help you in the difficult situations can ‘benefit your outlook on life’

Purpose – Within communities, each person fills a different role which is developed through individual likes, personality traits, and talents. Therefore, community can help you re-surface your purpose that you may feel you have lost through trauma.

When in a community of people who have had similar traumatic experiences, being able to share the impact of your experience can help you feel heard. A community can help with feelings of belonging, help each other feel supported, connected and have a purpose.

Which is why we have created a group that all women who have experienced sexual trauma can be a part of.

The StrengtheningHER Facebook group launches January 23rd and is a safe space for you to share your healing journey and help others with theirs.

We understand the importance of safety and triggers, which is why all posts will be sent for approval first.

We hope that all women within this group will feel comfortable to share and feel like they have a place to go to when things are difficult to reduce loneliness and improve mental well-being.

We will be sharing free resources, activities, quotes, and more to help you in your healing journey.

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