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  • Gracie Williams

Start Your Day Right | Morning Routine Benefits, Tips, & More

Have you noticed recently that you have been getting more tired throughout the day, feeling sluggish, feeling less motivated, not succeeding as well as you could be? If yes, then maybe you need to start your day right…

Before we get into the nitty gritty, let’s see what kind of morning person you are:

The Sleep-in late one

The Early bird one

The scrolls on phone for too long one

The don’t talk to me, I need coffee one

Whichever one you are, these tips should hopefully help you to make the most of not only your mornings but your entire day!

First, let’s look at the reasons WHY you should have a morning routine:

  • Improves overall mental health

  • Decreases stress and anxiety levels

  • Improves productivity

  • Increases motivation levels

  • Gives you back your control

  • You are more likely to achieve success

  • Improves overall focus

  • Better immunity

So, what can you do in order to achieve all of these?

Here are our top tips:

Have a night routine (coming soon!)

Like morning routines, night routines have a number of benefits such as, calming the mind, improving mental health, better immunity, increased productivity and motivation, and ultimately, help you to start your morning right the next day.

Go to sleep at a reasonable time

Everyone is different but ensuring that you are going to bed early enough to feel motivated the next day is key to a better morning.

No caffeine after 3pm

I know, coffee drinkers, this is a difficult one! But the CNBC found that drinking caffeine can ‘disrupt your sleep up to six hours after consuming it, leading to an hour or more lost in rest’

Don’t use your phone right before you go to sleep and right after you wake up

The blue light from your phone at night can disrupt your sleep, thus impacting how you feel the next day. Likewise, using your phone before bed or after you wake up can really take a toll on your mental health. If you are scrolling through Instagram, you may be setting a negative tone to your day.

Have a cold shower

Cold showers in the morning not only wake you up but it also improves metabolism, circulation, and even reduces symptoms of depression.

Make your bed

Making your bed makes it less likely that you will hop right back in it! It also helps you to feel more productive and motivated…

Go for a walk (or open up the windows)

Fresh air has so many benefits it would be difficult to list them all, but starting your day with fresh air flowing is one of the most effective ways to starting your day right.

Listen to music/podcasts that motivate and inspire you

We are extremely susceptible to consuming whatever we listen to just after we wake up, so ensuring that it is inspiring, and motivating is key to a happy day.

Drink water before your coffee

Coffee actually has the ability to de-hydrate us, so ensuring that we have a big glass of water after we wake up and before we have our coffee reduces dehydration and headaches.

Give yourself enough time

Getting up early takes practice so try setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier than usual each day until you find the time that is best suited to you. No one wants to be rushing in the morning as it increases our stress levels hugely. So, ensure that you are giving yourself enough time to embrace each step in the morning.

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