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  • Gracie Williams

Not all Men, but Almost all Women

As part of our International Women’s Day series, we want to share with you exactly why we do what we do and why the work like ours is so important still to this day.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the figure “97%” was spreading across social media and this figure part of why we do what we do.

Reports show that 97% of women between the ages 18 and 24 have been sexually assaulted (Chaudhury, 2022) yet only 17% of those reported the incident. This is often due to stigma, that it wouldn’t help, lack of support in the system, and lack of confidence in the police and support system.

Women are often made to feel like it was their fault, whether it’s what they wear, how they act, or what they say, but even despite saying ‘no’ to any sexual interactions, it still appears to be the woman’s fault.

International Women’s Day is all about celebrating women who have fought for our freedom and celebrating the milestones society has reached. However, it is also about raising awareness of the steps backward we have taken and the lack of freedom that women still have.

We know and understand that it isn't "all men" but it is almost all women, which is why International Women's Day is so crucial.

StrengtheningHER is not about demonising men, but rather empowering women to use their voices, prioritise their mental health and physical health, and to create a space where women can feel free.

So, as part of our mission, we created a Facebook group for survivors of sexual trauma and mental health. It is a space for women to share their healing journey and build a community of strong, resilient, powerful women.

The group is free to join and you will gain access to free resources to help you heal that you won’t find anywhere else!

So, take your first step and join the community today.

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