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  • Kami Nuttall

How to get through this year's festivities

Getting through Christmas and New Year festivities can be overwhelming, particularly when there are anxious thoughts about who you will meet, when and if a certain person will be around, whether you will be expected to be pleasant and nice when all you really want to be is angry or just want to get away. This is just as true if you are with family, extended family and friends or with work colleagues attending a Christmas party.

You could be feeling like you just want to be left alone, be able to share your holidays with the people you care about and who care about you, or do your own thing. All of it is ok, all of the feelings, particularly the anxious ones are legitimate.

How do we get through festivities, while safely looking after ourselves?

Here are some self-care tips:

Give yourself back the gift of time and use it in a way that makes you happy - this could involve (and is in no way limited):

  • reading a book you have been meaning to start in a long time,

  • having a long indulgent salt/ essential oil filled bath,

  • changing the air around you by going for a walk,

  • making yourself your favourite herbal cuppa, adding a spoon of honey and sipping your way to bliss,

  • playing with your pet, stroke them, feel their fur under your finger tips

  • listening to your favourite music

  • dancing around your living room to your favourite tunes!

  • watching your all-time favourite movie

  • calling you bestie for a chin-wag

  • sleeping in or having a nap!

Do something for yourself this Christmas.

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