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  • Gracie Williams

Everyday things to do for your mental health: Mental Health Awareness Month

The month of May is a crucial month in the calendar as it marks Mental Health Awareness Month. So, to honour this, we are sharing with you a series of mental health blogs throughout May!

Looking after your mental health doesn’t just matter when you are suffering, the best way to look after your mental health is to do it consistently, even when you are at your happiest. That way, you reduce your chances of facing an all-time-low, which often makes it harder to come back from.

We believe, at StrengtheningHER, that every day you should do something for your mental health, big or small. So, we have put together a list of everyday things that you can do for your mental health!

  • Journaling

  • Drawing/Doodling

  • Cook a nice meal for yourself

  • Read a chapter of your book

  • Meditate for at least 10 minutes

  • Do your skincare routine

  • Have a warm shower

  • Go for a walk

  • Sit outside for 10 minutes

  • Watch your favourite comfort show

  • Call someone you love

  • Go to bed earlier

  • Have a morning routine

  • Have an evening routine

  • Do some yoga

  • Do some exercise

  • Play your favourite song and dance and sing along

  • Do a spot clean

  • Start your day with a good breakfast

  • Make your favourite cup of coffee

  • Swap Instagram for Pinterest

  • Light your favourite candle

  • Drink a litre of water

  • Eat at least 1 piece of fruit/veg

  • Worship

  • Practice manifestation

  • Turn your phone off for at least half an hour

Now, we know that many of these are extremely simple, but when you are doing them consciously with the purpose of showing yourself some love and looking after your mental health, the mental and emotional benefits will show!

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