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  • Gracie Williams

A letter to you, who is healing

We know just how frustrating it can be when we think things are going well, where our healing journey is progressing and we take 10 steps forward, yet all of a sudden it feels like those 10 steps forward have resulted in 9 steps back.

Sometimes we forget that this is a normal part of healing.

Everybody’s healing journey looks different, and nobody’s progress looks like a straight line because healing comes with ups and downs that can jolt us back a few steps but we must persist to ensure that we reach our fullest potential.

If healing was one straight journey, we wouldn’t experience and learn things about ourselves along the way. Maybe someone else’s healing journey looks like it could be a straight line but remember that they may be hiding it all very well, it is highly unlikely that they have had an easy ride.

Unfortunately, social media can play a huge part in this deception. The majority of people online only share the good parts, and this can fool us, as consumers, to think that they are having it easy and having a good time, but that isn’t necessarily true. Likewise, comparing your healing journey to someone else’s is not going to make yours any easier.

We all experience healing differently, we all have faced different traumas, so we will all face different ups and different downs.

Stop letting your frustration take over and begin to understand that healing isn’t linear, and thus, there WILL be ups and downs… and that is okay.

Here are 5 affirmations to help you to learn to be okay with healing.

1. ‘I am healing, even when it does not feel that way’

2. ‘Healing isn’t linear, and I am okay with that’

3. ‘I am focussing on my own healing journey’

4. ‘I should not compare my healing journey to someone else’s’

5. ‘I am where I am in my healing journey for a reason, it will be okay’

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