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  • Gracie Williams

A Day in The Life of a Woman | International Women's Day

97% of women aged 18-24 have faced sexual trauma in their lifetime. That is almost all women of that age group. So, what does it really feel like to be a woman in the 21st century?

Today, as part of our International Women's Day campaign, we will be taking you through the kind of thoughts, feelings, and experiences a woman may face on a daily basis.

Day in the life:

7am: Wake up and wash

7:30am: get dressed

7:35am: Worry my outfit is too "out there"

7:40am: Get dressed again

8am: Start my route to the bus stop

8:02am: Get wolf-whistled by passers-by

8:04am: Have sexual remarks shouted at me

8:07am: Be stared at a man at the bus stop

8:10am: Bus arrives

8:12am: A man stares at me on the bus

8:30am: Get to work

8:35am: Work colleagues make remarks about my outfit and what I did over the weekend

5pm: Finish work

5:15pm: Start my walk to the bus stop

5:20pm: Cross the road to get away from the man walking close behind me

5:25pm: Put my headphones in but not too loud so I can listen out for any danger

5:30pm: Get the bus home

5:40pm: Chat to friendly man

5:45pm: Friendly man is not so friendly, he makes remarks about me being “sexy”

5:50pm: Man puts his hand on my leg without permission and consent

5:55pm: When I call the man out, he calls me frigid and tells me I was asking for it

6pm: I rush home feeling anxious

6:30pm: I arrive home and lock all the doors and shut all the blinds

7pm: Start to believe that maybe he was right, was I asking for it?

7:30pm: Debate telling someone but think that no one will believe me, I may be called pathetic, maybe they will agree I was asking for it…

8pm: Try to wind down from the day

10pm: go to bed to start all over again


Now, of course this day in the life is fiction but many of these events happen to women all over the world every day.

No one should have to face this kind of anxiety and fear on a daily basis, but unfortunately so many women do because it is so common.

We, at StrengtheningHER, want to raise awareness of this while helping women heal from sexual trauma.

Which is why we have created our Facebook group, to Help and Empower women to Strengthen their Resilience.

The community group is for all women who have faced sexual trauma and/or suffer from mental health. So, join now for access to free tools and resources to help your healing journey.

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